Penny Hunt




Penny is an independent growth and change consultant, transforming the value of teams, individuals, businesses and brands. Trained at Unilever, Penny became an advertising planner and has worked across many cultures (top global advertising agencies London, Madrid, New York) across markets and brands (Amex to Zara), and across sectors (Private, Public, COI & Third Sector).

Penny has co-founded 3 entrepreneurial businesses, all developing new ways of unlocking brand and business value. After studying Psychotherapy and Leadership, Penny founded – and currently runs – ChangeChemistry (about re-framing challenges, changing perspectives, and unlocking potential: the alchemy of innovation and behaviour change). She has written 2 books on handling change in teams (Pearson Professional Education: Managing Resistance To Change and Support Your Team Through Change) and coaches across Departments at SCS level in the Civil Service.