The Human Energy Organisation’s services fall into three categories:

Diagnostic Services

Engagement Services

Transformation Services


The Human Energy Organisation has developed a series of diagnostics to explore core aspects of organisational culture. Our diagnostics explore employee engagement and ‘human energy’ levels, the extent of performance-led ‘ensemble’ behaviour within teams, the extent to which organisations have created innovation-friendly environments, and the kinds of behaviour that may be incentivised by different organisational structures. All of our diagnostics are designed to be quick to stimulating to use, and to deliver precise and meaningful results. Deploying these diagnostics in the workplace reveals the significant issues and enables meaningful conversations leading to positive cultural change (see our Engagement Services, below).

Several of our diagnostics are based around the concept of ‘value gaps’. Organisational cultures are complex and unique: what employees expect and want from each culture – and what keeps them engaged – will differ from organisation to organisation. By exploring the gaps between employee expectations and their actual experience of the workplace, these diagnostics throw light on aspects of organisational behaviour that are potential causes of disengagement. This is especially important at a time when people’s value systems are changing rapidly, as we are seeing with the new expectations and aspirations of many Millennials.

The Human Energy Organisation’s eGap diagnostic explores 10 dimensions of organisational behaviour, using challenging questions with an emotional content to help surface respondents’ real feelings about core aspects of organisational culture. We offer a free trial for around 20 online respondents, with a top line report giving a flavour of the insights that the diagnostic can offer.


The Human Energy Organisation offers a broad range of services designed to enhance levels of employee engagement.

We have in-depth experience in focus group moderation and research interpretation. A structured qualitative research programme, leading to employee workshops and Ideagen sessions is a highly effective way to further explore organisational issues and potential solutions.

Short intensive masterclasses offer new perspectives to key members of the team and point the way to new mindsets and behaviours.

Espresso Thinking sessions are fast-paced, energising collaboration workshops, designed to address core issues with groups of colleagues. These sessions help unlock the talent, experience and collective wisdom in the room effectively, efficiently and enjoyably. If time allows (roughly 3-hours as opposed to 2 hours) the sessions involve a professional actor to help role-play scenario re-framing.

The Human Energy Organisations unique arts-based High Performance sessions use close encounters with top performing artists to experience the mindsets and techniques used to deliver outstanding artistic performances; these high impact sessions explore the ways in which such techniques can be adapted to help team members deliver their own winning business and personal performances.

Role-Play and Visualisation sessions help to surface underlying problems that may be hard to articulate and allow issues to be explored in an instinctive, non-intellectual manner, surfacing unspoken issues and revealing new potential solutions.

Our partners include highly-experienced business coaches who can deliver high-level one-to-one coaching, if required, and design tailor-made leadership development programmes for key team members.


The Human Energy Organisation’s chairman, Dr Mark Powell, has over 30 years’ experience at partner level in business and strategy consultancy with Accenture, Fujitsu, Aon, KPMG, A.T. Kearney and Capgemini; he also spent ten years as an Associate Fellow of Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, designing and directing senior executive leadership programmes.

The organisation’s other directors have founded successful enterprises in change management, brand strategy and innovation development.

This depth of experience enables the Human Energy Organisation to offer full transformational services, addressing core issues, refreshing strategies and implementing a full programme of interventions at every level of the organisation, leading to genuine transformation.


For any further information, or for a top line quotation for any of our services, please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!