5: All Organisational Behaviours Connect

The reason many ‘transformation’ programmes fail is because we try to do too much in one go. Changing whole organisational cultures on a short timeframe is very difficult.

Analysing cultures in terms of the Human Energy Organisation’s 10 dimensions of organisational behaviour makes real change much easier. The behaviours that are causing the biggest ‘gaps’ between employee aspirations and their perception of corporate behaviour can be addressed ‘little by little and piece by piece.’ The good news is that the 10 dimensions all connect with each other, so that the process gets easier as it goes along.

At The Human Energy Organisation, we are great believers in ‘the aggregation of marginal gains’. Just as top athletes improve their performance by fractions of a second or the equivalent marginal gain until they have built up a record-breaking advantage, so improvements to individual aspects of corporate behaviour build up until the whole culture is transformed.

In terms of The Human Energy Organisation’s  10 dimensions, when we set out to devolve our leadership more effectively, we are likely to find that we are beginning to communicate better with each other and a real diversity of opinion can emerge. Colleagues then find that they are networking more effectively, which leads to a rethink of the organisation’s physical environment. As leadership devolves, self-organisation improves, and aspects of perceived control and measurement which were previously troublesome, stop being an issue. People no longer feel that efficiencies are being imposed on them and accept them, where necessary, as things that are needed in order to achieve the common goal. In an increasingly open, creative environment, innovation begins to happen organically.

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