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The eGap survey: click here for full details

This new, sophisticated diagnostic tool reveals the difference between people’s expectations of the workplace and their real experiences at work, measured across ten key organisational dimensions.

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The ten dimensions covered in the eGap survey cover every aspect of corporate life in ways that are seldom explored, revealing the disjoints that lead to lost human energy and enabling focussed management action.

How the diagnostic works: click here for full details

Simple-to-use online questionnaires probe thought-provoking issues to generate a unique analysis of the gaps between employees' aspirations of the workplace and their real experiences across the ten dimensions.

"The difference between success and failure has less to do with the briliance of our business strategies than with the level of commitment of our employees."

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Dr Mark Powell


Dr Mark Powell is a business writer, consultant and entrepreneur. He is an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Saïd Business School where he specialises in designing and directing senior executive leadership programmes. Mark read Economics and Management and gained a PhD in Organisational Behaviour both from the University of Cambridge. A business and strategy consultant for over 25 years, Mark has held Partner roles in Accenture, Fujitsu, Aon, KPMG and A.T. Kearney, in addition to running several start-up businesses. He was one of the first UK gurus in the Futureworld network. Mark is the co-author with Jonathan Gifford of My Steam Engine Is Broken: Taking the Organisation from the industrial era to the age of ideas and Perform to Win: Unlocking the secrets of the arts for personal and business success.

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Jonathan Gifford, Ed Will, Penny Hunt, Carole Lee

JONATHAN GIFFORD is a business author whose books have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Thai and Indonesian. He was the launch publisher of BBC History Magazine. ED WILL is a brand and business builder. He has been operating at enterprise level for over 15 years, leading communication businesses for large networks, or building his own business ventures based around fresh human insight and innovation. PENNY HUNT trained at Unilever and, as an advertising planner, worked on the transformation of brand, business and people value across cultures, markets, brands and sectors. She has co-founded 3 entrepreneurial businesses, specialising in growth, change and innovative ways of unlocking brand and business value. CAROLE LEE studied psychology at Oxford and spent her career in planning with a number of leading advertising & through-the-line agencies, including JWT, WCRS, Leo Burnett and Ogilvy. In 2007 she founded London Brand Innovation, creating imaginative, team-based programmes to help clients discover more innovative and effective approaches to their business and brand issues.

Diana Pertersen

Lead Developer

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